Pressure To Succeed

by Turnstile

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Reaper Records 2011


released February 7, 2013

Caleb Waller @ Open Mind Studios



all rights reserved


Turnstile Maryland


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Track Name: Death Grip
You wanna talk about the things I said and what they meant? Let me break it down for you to understand. You're just another one of life's mistakes and I don't need you. Can't let it all fall apart, another girl to tear apart a man's heart. Death grip's gotta hold on me. You told me that nobody else deserved me. Tie me down while you sleep with the world and then come back to me. You want to change me, you want me to be eternally yours but not my love. You can't have me, I'm not yours. Won't let you break another heart. I will not give in that easily. No more. Death Grip, I slipped. No love you can't have me. No love no more.
Track Name: The Dream
The world around me solves evil at war and suffer from a sad-ass heart. Their happiness comes from the American Dream but that don't shine for me. There's a million lives to lead. Choices made will help me understand the hardship and adversity that I couldn't see. How could we believe in a calm sea ahead? My friends, my dreams, the end.

And on the day I die I hope I can justify the choices in my life.
Track Name: New Rules
Can't stop my breathing. Never sleep but keep dreaming. Old rules, they don't apply. You live and you die. I've had this burning in my heart for a long time. You can't put your hands on me.
Everything that I love is everything you cannot touch. I rise, they fall.
So to every pretty girl that I could never hold, and all the years of looking down and doing what I was told, I have a burning in my heart to do the things that I want: take my friends by the hand and take my friends to the top.
So Now Its On. Who's gonna stop me?
Track Name: Pressure to Succeed
Real hassle controlled my mind. I shot down my own dreams to avoid the pressure to succeed. Maybe I love to leave, come and go until I die, scared of the future, no. I'd rather settle than try. If I fail then will I survive or will I just get by? Self-doubt blinds me. Visions that I'm fighting, I wanna fight and provoke the unheard. Pointless thoughts stand in my way. Who I am and what I am can't help but think I will go nowhere. My body keeps tellin me, but I will not believe.
I will not ever believe.
I'm just saving myself forever now.

Don't act like you know what I'm here for. I won't let you be part of me.
You got a realistic mind. Ambition-less you'll never be satisfied.
Track Name: The Things You Do
You will never understand the blue in my eyes, never be a part of my friends and our lives. You will always be a victim of what I despise. Live your life and i'll live mine. Get back. You're never gonna change me. Get back. You can't tame me because the lives we lead are worlds apart.

I'm not your average, 'm not your ordinary.

I hate those things you do, man I'll never be like you.
Track Name: Heavy Hand
Pain, the only way. And you will feel it in your head like you never did. I hope you feel it in your heart and you fall apart. I'm coming down swinging my heavy hand.
I know there's peace deep inside of me, but people push me around everyday.
Let me be alright now. They'll never change.