Step 2 Rhythm

by Turnstile

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drugstorecowboi The bouncing complex rhythms and unforgettable lyrics make this such a standout hardcore EP. Really brings a fresh new sound to a generally homogeneous style of music Favorite track: Pushing Me Away.
Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson This discovery opened a whole new window for me. Every track is cool; having its own vibration; just as every disc of theirs is unique to their style. A lot of real talent here. Jr
Carter Beckwith
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Carter Beckwith Turnstile is possibly one of the most unique hardcore bands I've heard. Nobody else has this bouncy yet raw vibe, this band reeks of Fun. Seeing them live is a blast that's for sure. Feel good hardcore! Anytime this band comes on I can't help but start to feel good. This whole EP kicks ass, the riffs are badass, the bass is so groovy, the drums are tight, and the vocals are so much fun to sing along to and are so relatable. Step 2 Rhythm is a 10/10 release! Nuff Said! Favorite track: Better Way.
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released February 7, 2013



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Turnstile Maryland


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Track Name: Keep it Moving
I've been there before, leaving my heart like an open door. Breaking my back, wasting my time, I lost my sight.
I'll shake it off and step out of line
I'm thinking that it's about time
to find control and slip away
Watch your step, don't get caught.

Are you gonna lead me the wrong way? take me out again?
I'm not your decision, get me outta here. Wasting my time.

and your half-ass ways i'll forget
I won't just smile and pretend
New rules that I've been taught: watch your step, don't get caught
Track Name: Canned Heat
Keep it to yourself man I don't wanna hear it. You've never done nothing but stand in the way. You'll never be anyone. Dead-weight holding on. I've had enough, now I'm gonna tear you apart.

Hurt. Pain. both calling your name.
I'm gonna break you down.
Track Name: Pushing Me Away
I thought that I belonged, man I'll never understand what I'm doing so wrong. And now you wanna move along. You got me dazed holding on. Am I gonna make it?

You're pushing me away

You say it, and I'll bring it. You move it, and I'll go with the flow. But now you wanna move along. You got me dazed holding on. Am I gonna make it?

You're pushing me away

Over-thinking about my future, my past. All I want is in, am I ever gonna make it? Can't change or reverse the days.
You're pushing me away.
Track Name: Better Way
Where did time go? Where did you go? I know you didn't mean to fall so low. And I cant believe that you're out. Mistakes are made, there's no doubt that I've been going the wrong way.
Making moves just to pass the days.
So now what you got for me? Can't stop moving, take on anything.

One step and you were by my side. Life lessons: we learn them in time. Days I can't waste, and I believe in all of us
I know you left a mark in me.

Will I find a better way?

A Better Way

Forgive me my wrongs and move on. I've failed too many times. So long.
Track Name: Step to Rhythm
Break out the rage. Get back, just like that.
There's no reason to calm down. Step with the ones who stick around.

Make your own path because I'm making mine. I don't need your help, never look back.

That's what life's about. Don't Stop.

And I can see your every move, I'm not the one you want to crash into. And this will be alive forever. I don't need your help, never look back.

Don't Stop, Step Up.